DoD deletes tweet that joked about blowing up millennials trying to storm Area 51

If we cannot laugh at wiping out our nation's youth, what can we laugh at?


The Joint Chiefs of Staff published, then quickly deleted, its new nuclear doctrine

The Joint Chiefs of Staff briefly published the Pentagon's official doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons before quickly pulling the document — Joint Publication 3-72, Nuclear Operations — from the public website


The Indian fighter pilot shot down over Pakistan reportedly swallowed sensitive documents before he was captured

Pakistan returned a captured Indian fighter pilot late on Friday, after a dramatic clash between regional rivals that him shot down over the fiercely-contested Kashmir border region


Trump and North Korea's Kim predict success in high-stakes nuclear summit

At their historic first summit in Singapore last June, Trump and Kim pledged to work toward denuclearization and permanent peace on the Korean peninsula but little progress has been made.


US urges the world not to freak out about withdrawing from the INF treaty (P.S. It's Russia's fault)

"If there is to be an arms race it is Russia's actions that have undermined the global security architecture and has undermined this particular arms control agreement."