AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Say you're the largest lobbying group in the history of lobbying groups. Sure, your paid membership only accounts for 3% or 4% of all America's estimated 140 million or so gun owners, but you are the undisputed loudest voice on firearms in America — serving industry manufacturers, lobbying legislators, and setting the agenda for concerned gun enthusiasts... even as you fight allegations that you hate schoolkids, lie and manipulate a lot, take foreign money for your star-spangled cause, and intimidate or talk past opponents rather than attempting to engage them.

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T&P/Nicole Borrero

The first thought I have, passing through the main entrance of the Georgia World Convention Center for the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Atlanta, is that I must be crazy, because I’m hearing voices. Well, a voice — a drawled, gravy-dipped bass that sounds distinctly like an enticement… or a threat.

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