Police respond to protesters during a demonstration, Friday, July 17, 2020 in Portland, Ore.

The Pentagon is getting concerned about law enforcement dressing up in US military uniforms

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has made the Trump administration aware of his concerns with the appropriation of the U.S. military's uniforms by law enforcement agencies as they face off with protesters in cities like Portland, Oregon

Federal law enforcement officers, deployed under the Trump administration's new executive order to protect federal monuments and buildings, walk toward demonstrators during a protest against racial inequality in Portland, Oregon, on July 18, 2020.

Trump suggests he'll send federal agents to other major US cities following a 'fantastic job' in Portland

President Donald Trump on Monday said he's considering sending federal law enforcement to other major cities to counter unrest after controversially deploying federal agents to respond to demonstrations against racism and police brutality in Portland, Oregon

American flags mark the graves of fallen Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and Airmen at the Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Exeter, Rhode Island on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014.

The VA just reported its first veteran death from coronavirus

A military veteran from Oregon died over the weekend from the novel coronavirus, in what is the first fatal case tracked by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the first military-linked fatality to be made public


A 94-year-old Air Force veteran nearly threw away a $6.5 million winning lottery ticket

A 94-year-old Air Force veteran from Oregon almost threw away his change to be a millionaire


An Oregon Air Guard F-15 reportedly took a million-dollar munitions dump before an emergency landing

An Oregon Air National Guard F-15C Eagle that made an emergency landing on Thursday ditched its entire arsenal of live air-to-air missiles before touching down at Portland International Airport, The War Zone reports