Khalid Sheik Mohammed after capture by U.S. forces.
Sept 11 Mastermind Wrote A Letter Blaming America For The Attack
Khalid Sheik Mohammed wrote the letter over two years ago, with a litany of complaints and accusations against the United States.
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Osama Bin Laden Was Surprisingly Lax About Masturbation
In a top-secret memo, Osama bin Laden wrote that masturbation is okay in extreme cases.
Retired Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill, 38, who says he shot and killed Osama bin Laden, poses for a portrait in Washington, Friday, Nov. 14, 2014.
The SEAL Who Says He Killed Bin Laden Is Writing A Book
The Navy SEAL who claims he killed Osama bin Laden has a book coming out about the Abbottabad raid.
This Pop Song Comparing Sex To Killing Bin Laden Is Amazing
Seriously, it’s funnier than “I’m on a boat.”