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'Inadequate leadership' led to death of special tactics airman in parachute jump, report finds

'We normalized a culture overly focused on mission accomplishment, causing a lapse in ... strict adherence to standards."

Golden Knights

‘We jump our faces off’ — What it’s like to be an Army Golden Knight

"Man it's really hard to describe. But when you land and you're back on the ground you just feel kind of complete."

Parachute rigger

Parachute riggers with Army’s 7th Special Forces Group join in on the mask-making effort

For now, and until further notice, a line of sewing machines in the 7th Group's parachute-rigging shed, operated around the clock by the group's riggers, is producing masks.

parachute rigger

Army parachute-riggers use their skills to sew COVID-19 surgical masks

"The techniques we’ve developed from sewing on parachutes definitely transfers to sewing the masks. It actually makes sewing the masks a little bit easier"


A pair of special ops veterans are attempting a record military freefall from Mount Everest

The Complete Parachute Solutions  team includes former Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs, who will be testing a new oxygen system that could be used by current U.S. special operations forces