Maria Daume, was born in a Russian prison and brought to Long Island, N.Y., at the age of 4 when she and her twin brother were adopted.
She Was Born In A Russian Prison And Became A US Marine. The Infantry Is Next
Maria Daume was born in a prison in Siberia, Russia, and now she’s a United States Marine headed to the School of Infantry.
U.S. Marines with Alpha Company, Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry-East, stand by for instructions from their instructors after a 10k hike aboard Camp Geiger, North Carolina, Aug. 1, 2014.
The First Female Infantry Marines Will Graduate Boot Camp This Month
To date, 31 female Marines have signed enlistment contracts for previously closed combat arms military occupational specialties.
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5 (Non-Abusive) Ways Drill Instructors Can Haze Sarah Silverman’s Nephew
Sarah Silverman’s nephew is slogging through Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island right now.
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How The Marines Could’ve Responded To Sarah Silverman’s Concerned Tweets About Parris Island
Here are five alternative replies to Sarah Silverman’s tweets to the Marine Corps about Parris Island. But first, some thoughts.