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U.S. Army/ Sgt. Aaron Rosencrans

Here’s the second entry in our Combat Pooping contest. Not funny like the first one, but quite ... pungent. If you have something you think is as good, please e-mail it to Tom Ricks. Like Nike says: Just doody it!

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Environmental Protection Agency

Months after reports of “rats rotting on a reservoir gate, a desiccated frog clinging to a reservoir ladder and another rodent carcass" in the drinking water at California’s Camp Pendleton scared the living bejesus out of Marines, Corps officials insist that the base's water supply is officially feces-free.

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Combat is dirty business. So is pooping. And when the two collide during times of war, you can bet your ass that the U.S. is ready for shit to hit the fan.

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DoD photo

Pentagon investigators have found that Air Force rocket programs have a poopy problem with messy factories and sloppy procedures that could endanger military launches.

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