Why The All-Volunteer Force Struggles More Than Draftees
It’s not that things are worse for veterans today. It’s just that more of them come from fewer and fewer segments of society.
Then-acting Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy (right) greets Maj. Marietta Sanders, as he prepares to depart Bagram Air Field.
The Army Under Secretary On How Women Fit Into The Army’s Future
Under Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy discusses gender integration, women in combat, and leadership at the small-unit level.
In this June 9, 2014 file photo is a sculpture portraying a wounded soldier being helped on the grounds of the Minneapolis VA Hospital.
VA Is Denying Benefits To Vets With Bad Paper Discharges At Unprecedented Rates, Report Finds
125,000 veterans who served since 2001 have been excluded from basic VA services, perhaps unjustly.
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The probationary status on the University of Phoenix has been dropped.
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Six tips for easing your transition out of the military.
Soldiers from the 423rd Military Police Company march in formation to kick off the departure ceremony held June 12 at the unit located in Shoreham, N.Y. More than 500 family members, friends and community leaders spent several hours with the Soldiers. The 423rd will depart for Fort Bliss for training before deploying to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in support of military police operations for U.S. forces.
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As a modern veteran, you will play a big part in the next chapter of American history, but that’s pretty daunting. Here are six simple things you can do.
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