PTSD nearly killed him. Now this former Marine is using it to help ​other veterans

Bobby Grey's a former Marine, 2003 to 2007 — a mission that has given him great pride and great anguish. Twelve years later — anguish or not — he still loves the Corps to the core. Semper Fi — always faithful. But he acknowledges, though, that that's where the scars originated.


The US Postal Service's new 'Healing PTSD' stamp will raise money for veterans

The United States Postal Service has just issued a "Healing PTSD" semipostal stamp that will raise money to be distributed to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for the National Center for PTSD


Mental health care isn’t one-and-done — like any journey, you have to commit

While more veterans are seeking mental health care, they aren't getting the long-term treatment they need


PTSD tied to higher risk of an early stroke, according to a massive new study of post-9/11 veterans

"This trend is very concerning given the devastating impact stroke has on young patients and their families"


The Minneapolis VA is testing a medical app to combat PTSD nightmares

The brainchild of a Macalester College graduate to help his father overcome combat-related nightmares has turned into a promising — but still experimental — medical app that is being tested by the Minneapolis VA Medical Center