U.S. Marine Lcpl. Greg Rivers, 20, of Sylvester, Ga., holds his neck while waiting to take psychological tests at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, Calif., Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2007.
5 Things We’ve Learned About PTSD Since 9/11
New research shows post-traumatic stress treatments are advancing, and there is hope for those suffering its effects.
K9s For Warriors service dogs sit with their handlers.
This Is What It Takes To Be A Warrior’s Service Dog
Task & Purpose spoke with K9s For Warriors about how service dogs are trained.
Spc. Ty Carter sits in an observation post halfway up the mountain near Combat Outpost Keating, in Nuristan province, Afghanistan, in 2009.
Ty Carter Explains What It’s Like To Wear The Medal Of Honor
Medal of Honor recipient Ty Carter speaks to Task & Purpose about what life is like since receiving the Medal of Honor.
Veterans Jail
Should Veterans With PTSD Be Exempt From The Death Penalty?
Capital punishment represents the most power in our criminal justice system. How should vets with PTSD fit in?
Taking it back: Help prevent prescription abuse
The Army Doesn’t Consistently Track Meds For PTSD, Report Finds
When it comes to prescription drugs, the Army needs to make some changes in its bookkeeping. It needs to start.
A service dog at the 32nd National Veterans Wheelchair Games.
Despite Recent Gains, Restrictions Persist For Service Dogs At VA Facilities
Service dogs are allowed at Veteran Affairs facilities, but are restricted from staying overnight at inpatient care.
Sgt. Ryan Blount, 27th Brigade, New York Army National Guard, rests in a hallway after a full day of field training, before heading back out Jan. 16, 2015, at Alexandria International Airport, La.
For Some Service Members, Insomnia May Not Be Part Of PTSD
Lack of sleep is reported by more than half of the 2 million men and women who have served since Sept. 11.
Iraq War combat veteran Dave McBee speaks on the phone while sitting on his bed in his quarters at the "Soldier On" veterans homeless shelter.
This Book Is Changing The Conversation Around Post-Traumatic Stress
“Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance” explores possibility of training military to win mental battles as they do physical ones.
Iraqi veteran, Apache Jay Nesahkluah, Searching for Home subject, walks alone on a Kansas country road in the snow.
New Documentary ‘Searching For Home’ Reveals Raw Courage Of Vets Across Generations
A documentary chronicling the lives of veterans from WWII to Iraq and Afghanistan shows the life-long battles some are still fighting.
A man wears a Veterans hat surrounded by flags as he attends a Veterans Day parade Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014, in Montgomery, Ala.
Health & Fitness
Study: Some Vietnam Vets Still Struggle With PTSD, 40 Years Later
New findings offer a close look at post-traumatic stress in Vietnam veterans, and what that might mean for future veterans.
Fireworks burst over Yokota Air Base, Japan, July 4, 2012, during Celebrate America.
These Stereotypes Are A Far Greater Threat To Veterans Than Any Fireworks
The division between veterans and civilians merits a serious, comprehensive discussion, not a sign.