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A 27-year-old Air Force senior airman's shock at getting a rebuke for speaking Spanish in uniform in a Starbucks near Hickam and her subsequent stand against discrimination have gained some fervent support on social media.

Xiara Mercado posted July 17 that while waiting for her drink during lunchtime at the Valkenburgh Street coffee shop, she was on the phone speaking Spanish.

Once her name was called, she ended the call and grabbed her drink. As she was walking out, she said, she was tapped on the shoulder by a woman who said, "You shouldn't be speaking Spanish. That's not what that uniform represents. … It's distasteful," Mercado related on Facebook.

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A new report from Roll Call found that the Department of Defense continued to use offensive and racist terms on official government forms, including on death certificates for troops killed while serving their country, more than 20 years after the federal government issued a directive ordering agencies to stop.

After Marine Capt. Jahmar Resilard was killed on Dec. 6, 2018 during a mid-air collision that claimed the lives of six other military personnel, his mother Joni Resilard received his death certificate at her home in St. Augustine, Florida this year.

The certificate listed her son's race as "negroid" — which, as Roll Call's John M. Donnelly points out, is "an outmoded word for classifying black people that, to the modern ear, carries racist connotations."

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