Banning COVID-19 survivors from military service is a recruiting mess waiting to happen

Banning individuals with a COVID-19 history prioritizes recruits who have both the geographic and financial ability to self-isolate.

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Who did it better: the real Space Force recruiting spot or the trailer for Netflix's 'Space Force'?

This is probably the first time in history that the military is figuring out how to prop up a new branch while a major entertainment network sets out to make fun of it every step of the way.


Marine recruiters urge boot camp closures amid pandemic: 'We are putting lives in danger'

Marine recruiters in the state hit hardest by the novel coronavirus have grave warnings about the military's decision to continue sending young men and women off to boot camp in the middle of a global pandemic.


Army moves to 100% virtual recruiting as COVID-19 continues to spread

"We are soldiers, and we will continue to soldier on."


The military's 'war for talent' is affecting what the Navy's future ships will look like

The Navy wants their new frigates to be able to operate in open-ocean and near-shore environments and to conduct air, anti-submarine, surface, and electronic warfare and information operations.