Artist draws a tattoo.
This Redditor Just Destroyed His Military Career With A Neck Tattoo
Pro-tip: if you find yourself wanting to get a neck tattoo, stop it.
A screenshot from a YouTube video on "The Slingshot Channel" show's the host, Jörg Sprave with his homemade arrow launcher.
This Crazy German Guy Made A Gatling Launcher For Arrows Out Of Coke Bottles
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A view of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge from the bay in San Diego, California.
How 2 Strangers — A Sailor And A Nurse — Teamed Up To Stop A Bridge Suicide
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U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers write essays as part of the 642nd Regional Support Group's Best Warrior Competition at Fort McClellan, Alabama.
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The sun sets over the B-Huts at a U.S. base in Afghanistan.
Viral Photo Shows Lucky Failed Rocket Attack In Afghanistan
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U.S. Air Force F-16s during the Gulf War.
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U.S. Army Pfc. Patrick Camp, left, and Spc. Thomas Garrard, both truck drivers attached to the 2025th Transportation Company, share a few laughs as they wait to transport M1 Abrams tanks from Contingency Operating Base Speicher to Forward Operating Base Taji, Iraq, Nov. 3, 2009.
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