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Army fires officer accused of faking deployments and awards amid multiple affairs
A Navy admiral was fired after getting drunk and walking naked through a hotel
Air Force fires colonel in charge of pilot training wing
Destroyer captain fired for allegedly trying to turn a captured AK-47 into a plaque for his ship
Navy captain relieved due to loss of confidence in ability to command
Two-star Air Force general demoted to colonel for affair with subordinate
Ranger training battalion commander relieved for making ‘derogatory’ comments about subordinates
Marine commandant to leaders: Quit the ‘soft relief’ of fired officers
Navy fires commander of Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Navy fires commander of Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Destroyer captain fired amid investigation, Navy says
Fort Bragg garrison commander relieved of duty amid investigation
Army one-star general in Germany suspended amid non-criminal investigation
Air Force logistics commander in Korea relieved due to loss of confidence
Wisconsin Air National Guard refueling wing commander fired
Marine Lt. Col. in charge of fighter squadron fired over ‘poor judgment’
USS Decatur CO fired following command investigation
Air Force Research Laboratory commander relieved amid investigation into alleged misconduct
Air Force colonel fired over ‘loss of trust and confidence’
Decorated Navy EOD commander relieved due to loss of confidence
Commander of Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment fired amid investigation
Marine commander in Japan removed from job amid investigation
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Army’s housing chief fired amid ongoing investigation
Lt. Col. in charge of Corps’ 1st Recon relieved of command