Capt. Nick Anthony, a U.S. Marine Corps recruiting management officer based in Seattle, assisted in the rescue of an elderly man while climbing in North Cascades National Park, Washington, Sept. 10, 2016.
Marine Rescues Elderly Vet Stranded On A Seattle Mountain
When Marine Capt. Nick Anthony and his fellow climbers came across a 77-year old Army vet stranded on a mountain trail, there was no question about what to do.
Staff Sgt. Cierra Rogers
Unsung Heroes
UNSUNG HEROES: The Airman Who Died After Rescuing A Family From A Burning Building
Staff Sgt. Cierra Rogers died soon after leading a rescue effort that saved a mother and her three children from a building fire in South Korea.
A screenshot from an NBC News report shows Military veterans Lavell Zachary and Chad Collard as they comfort two children after a car crash on May 20 in  Trotwood, Ohio.
When A Car Overturned On The Road, These Veterans Intervened
When two veterans saw an overturned SUV on the road, they sprung into action and pulled three kids from the car.
From left, Brig. Gen. Giacomo Bellacicco, Regional Command West commander; from the 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division: Lt. Col. Ronald Lukow, commander, Task Force Comanche, Apache pilots Cpt. Paul McKnight and Chief Warrant Officer 2 Timothy Pool, 4th CAB Commander Col. Daniel Williams, 4th CAB Command Chief Warrant Officer 5 Lance McElhiney; TF Comanche Apache pilots: Chief Warrant Officers 3 Uriah Hayes and Donald Procter; and 4th CAB Command Sgt. Maj. Donald Rose, senior non-commissioned officer, stand together after the Distinguished Flying Cross was presented to the five soldiers, on March 22, 2011 at Shindand Air Base.
Unsung Heroes
UNSUNG HEROES: These Pilots Braved Enemy Fire To Rescue Trapped Foreign Troops
During an aerial assault, Army Black Hawks, Chinooks and Apaches flew through enemy fire to rescue coalition forces.
Capt. William Sumner holds a puppy at the Iraqi Society for Animal Welfare facility's grand opening in Baghdad.
Unsung Heroes
UNSUNG HEROES: This Army Captain Rescued Iraq’s Zoo Animals From Looters, Bombs, And Starvation
Although William Sumner knew nothing about animals, he volunteered to rebuild Baghdad’s abandoned zoo because he couldn’t stand to see its animals die from neglect and abuse.