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Screenshot via YouTube

Do you want to be able to defend yourself, but not deal with the hassle of carrying around heavy weapons? YouTube, as always, is here to help. After scouring the archives, we compiled this list of tiny but deadly weapons that prove size really doesn’t matter.

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Photo via Moments in Time

What makes a king? Is it a gaudy crown, a phallic-looking scepter, and generations of inbreeding? Maybe. But if you’re the king of rock and roll, it’s a huge head of hair, popped collars, a crap ton of swagger, and enough money to buy a trove of ornate and gilded pistols, including this crown jewel:

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Image courtesy of Tim Ralston

In a post-apocalyptic scenario where survival is dependent upon scavenging resources, it pays to be prepared. That’s the thinking behind Scavenger 6, a new rifle that can fire 21 different calibers of ammunition.

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Photo by Michael E. Cumpston

There are few names that invoke the American Frontier more than Samuel Colt, but before his revolvers helped win the West, Colt was a struggling gunmaker. On Jan. 4, 1847, Colt won a contract to supply the U.S. government with 1,000 newly designed .44-caliber revolvers to help arm U.S. troops in the Mexican-American War.

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