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Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Jb Jaso

“We’ve all seen them before. The cans, small shots and uniquely packaged drinks that promise to give you an energy boost during the most important parts of your day. At first glance, it seems like a great idea: chug it down and get reinvigorated for the day. But, if you go beyond wanting to simply stay alert and begin to overindulge, you could wind up doing some serious harm to your body.”

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Photo courtesy of Beyond Clothing.

Many of us join the military in search of a calling or a purpose, but some aren’t searching. They know exactly what they’re after. As a lifelong athlete, martial artist, and the son of a Marine, Rudy Reyes enlisted in 1998 and spent seven years as a reconnaissance Marine and scout sniper. Reyes’ 2003 deployment with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the initial invasion of Iraq was intimately detailed in Evan Wright’s award winning book “Generation Kill.” He even played himself in the 2008 HBO miniseries based on the book.

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U.S. Army photo

Editor’s Note: This article by Jake Rossen originally appeared on Van Winkle’s, a new website dedicated to exploring how sleep affects and informs our lives.

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U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith

War sucks. But as soldiers, we adapt. We develop habits that increase our chances of survival and make the suck just a little bit more bearable. Some of those habits are worth hanging on to as we transition into the civilian workforce. Others, not so much.

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