Photo by Spc. Rochelle Krueger

Like any ship, building, ground vehicle or aircraft, corporate America needs individuals schooled in the art and science of maintenance. This week, Hirepurpose highlights five military-friendly companies that have openings across the country well-suited for veterans who underwent electrical mechanical or facilities maintenance training while in the service. Individuals of all ranks who are skilled in the areas of aircraft maintenance, machining, civil engineering, construction or transportation will definitely want to check these jobs out.

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Photo by Lance Cpl. S.T. Stewart

If you’re a veteran or a soon-to-be transitioning service member, then you’ve probably started looking for a job in the civilian workforce. While this can be an overwhelming process for anyone, there is good news out there for veterans. According to a recent CareerBuilder study, 36% of employers plan to increase their full-time, permanent headcount in 2015, a 12% increase from last year. And a recent RAND Corporation report showed that companies are getting much better at seeing the immense value that comes with a military veteran hire. However, no opportunity is just going to be handed to you; landing a great job takes a lot of time, planning, and preparation.

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