USNS Comfort

'Very easy to get down and be exhausted’ — On the front line aboard the USNS Comfort

"We’ve worked weeks and weeks without a day off ... this is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Why did so many Theodore Roosevelt sailors not develop COVID-19 symptoms? Navy to test crew antibodies to help figure it out

The data could shed light on how the coronavirus spreads undetected, which could help inform the U.S. national response to the pandemic.

USNS Mercy

USNS Mercy has treated only 54 patients since arriving in LA. Now it's sending sailors ashore to help with COVID-19

40 medical crew members will help COVID-19 patients at a nursing home home in LA. USNS Mercy has treated 54 non-COVID patients so far.

Theodore Roosevelt

USS Theodore Roosevelt sailor under investigation for leaving hotel room while under quarantine in Guam

The sailor was reportedly caught on security camera footage while leaving his room but was stopped before he could leave the hotel.

Theodore Roosevelt sailors

‘We just kind of want to go home at this point’ — a Theodore Roosevelt sailor describes quarantine on Guam

“I was mostly worried about my friends on the ship and everyone back home, more than if I was going to be sick.”