Should We Believe Bergdahl’s Account Of His Attempted Escape?
Listen to episode three of Task & Purpose Radio where we explain whether or not we actually believe Bergdahl.
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Here’s A Preview Of Task & Purpose’s New Podcast
Check out our new podcast, Task & Purpose radio, we’ll be exploring the Bergdahl story as it unfolds on Serial.
An undated photo of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
Bergdahl And Taliban Fighters Recount His Kidnapping In Serial Episode 2
Episode 2 of Serial presents the stories of what happened in the days and weeks after Bergdahl walked off his post.
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In Second Season, Serial Takes On Bergdahl — And The Messy World Of Military Culture
Serial season two focuses on Bowe Bergdahl and why he walked away from his Afghan outpost and into the arms of the Taliban.