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SEAL and Marine Raider accused of murdering Green Beret to go on trial next year

Both men face a maximum punishment of life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.


The Navy secretary and admiral in charge of SEALs could resign or be fired for trying to revoke Eddie Gallagher's trident

The New York Times first reported on Saturday that Navy Secretary Richard Spencer and Rear Adm. Collin Green had effectively given Trump an ultimatum that could cost them their careers.


Navy halts process to revoke tridents for Eddie Gallagher and three other SEALs

"The Navy follows the lawful orders of the President," Rear Adm. Charlie Brown said. "We will do so in case of an order to stop the administrative review of SOC [special operations chief] Gallagher's professional qualification."


Trump vows the Navy will not revoke Eddie Gallagher’s SEAL trident

President Donald Trump has nixed any effort by the Navy to excommunicate Eddie Gallagher from the SEAL community


Esper won't say how he advised Trump on the Gallagher, Golsteyn, and Lorance war crimes cases

"I had a robust discussion with the president yesterday and I offered – as I do in all matters – the facts, the options, my advice, the recommendations and we'll see how things play out."