History Channel's "SIX" is based on SEAL Team SIx.
History Channel’s ‘SIX’ Sent Its Cast To Navy SEAL Training
In order to accurately portray Navy SEALs, actors on History Channel’s “SIX” were thrust into a hardcore training program.
The cast of "SIX,"  HISTORY's upcoming television war drama on SEAL Team Six.
New War Drama Focuses On America’s Elite: SEAL Team Six
HISTORY channel’s new scripted series about SEAL Team Six leaves it to the audience to distinguish the unlikely from the unbelievable.
A U.S. Navy SEAL candidate in the final phase of Basic Underwater Demolition training is illuminated by a flare on San Clemente Island, Calif., March 11, 2011.
History Channel To Make TV Drama Based On SEAL Team Six
A new Navy SEAL drama, called “SIX” will tell the story of the Navy’s elite, at home and at war.
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Family & Relationships
A Navy SEAL Shares His Approach To Talking To His Kids About Terrorism
A Navy SEAL veteran reflects on huddling up his children and explaining to them what happened after the Paris attacks.