The US military saw an increase in reports of sexual assault in the ranks last year

"It's [women] against [men] and [men] against [women]. And we're not united."

Brittney Chantele, rapper, artist and activist, poses for a portrait during a recording session for her new album at her producer's home studio, Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019, in Brighton Heights.

Former Army Guardsman reflects on service in new rap album “A Golden Opportunity”

Chantele's seven years in the National Guard is the subject of the Pittsburgh rapper’s ambitious and sometimes harrowing new concept album, “A Golden Opportunity."


Wisconsin governor appoints new National Guard chief to replace predecessor who covered up sexual assault allegations

Brigadier General Paul Knapp will take over as the new adjutant general of the Wisconsin National Guard — replacing former Guard chief Donald Dunbar, who resigned after it was found he improperly handled sexual assault investigations.