A U.S. Army soldier low crawls while negotiating an obstacle course during the first week of Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia.
Joining the Military
This Is What Privates Go Through During Army Basic Training
An Army drill sergeant explains the grueling and comprehensive training Army infantry receive in basic training.
U.S. Army Capt. Jason Beams, Training Division officer at the Army Mountain Warfare School in Jericho, Vt., observes Soldiers climbing Smugglers' Notch during their final phase of the Basic Military Mountaineering course in Jeffersonville, Vt., Feb. 19, 2015.
The Evolution Of The Combat Boot In The US Military
U.S. military combat boots have come a long way.
Vietnam War
The Story Of The Man Who Fought In His Friend’s Place In Vietnam
In 1966, Paul Mahar switched identities with his childhood friend, and quickly found himself being shipped off to Vietnam.
letter written home by a soldier
Read This Beautiful Revolutionary War Letter
A letter from a Revolutionary War militiaman gives us insight into our past and reaffirms what we know about America's troops at war.