It’s Not Stolen Valor On Halloween
Halloween is the one day every year where stolen valor doesn’t apply. So, chill out.
5 Halloween Costumes Based On Military Stereotypes (That Are Kinda True)
Not sure what to “be” this Halloween? We’ve got you covered.
A photo via Facebook shows Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signing an amendment to House Bill 80 that makes Stolen Valor illegal.
In Delaware, Stolen Valor Now Comes At A Heavy Price
Stolen valor is now against the law in Delaware and comes with a $1,000 fine.
A screenshot from a Fox News interview with Marine veteran Robert Ford.
This Is What It’s Like To Be Falsely Accused Of Stolen Valor
A Marine veteran recounts what it feels like to be wrongly accused of stolen valor.
Oklahoma Is Cracking Down On Stolen Valor Harder Than Anywhere
Oklahoma is the latest of a number of states that have taken drastic measures to stop stolen valor.
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New York Weighs State Ban On Stolen Valor
A Navy Reserve officer serving as a New York state senator wants to make stolen valor a felony.
Screenshot from Facebook video of video subject showing off his military medals.
Is This Stolen Valor?
A controversial video has ignited an urgent debate over what is and what is not stolen valor.
The Purple Heart is one of the oldest commendations in American military history, dating back to the later years of the Revolutionary War and was originally designed as the Badge of Military Merit.
A Judges Panel Just Ruled Stolen Valor As Free Speech
A federal court deemed stolen valor legal as a form of free speech.
In a screenshot from a YouTube video produced by RangerUp, an obviously fake Army veteran defends his behavior.
Stolen Valor: The Fight We Want, But Not The Fight We Need
The search for stolen valor perpetrators is becoming a witch hunt.
stolen valor
‘Hollywood Marines Are From Parris Island,’ Says Fake Marine In Stolen Valor Video
A Marine veteran confronts a Fresno, California, store clerk in a stolen valor video.
Crowds gathers outside the White House in Washington early Monday, May 2, 2011, to celebrate after President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden.
The Millennial Generation’s Problem With Patriotism
Drunkenly waving the American flag at a frat party is not a real demonstration of love for country.
The world of social networking is now at the fingertips of members of the Digital Engagement Team at U.S. Central Command, using the site to interact with members around the world.
Vets Need To Cool It With The Outrage On Social Media
Vets taking to social media to bludgeon civilians with misguided rage over imagined slights need to chill out.
Sean Yetman, pictured, impersonated an Army Ranger at Oxford Valley Mall in Pennsylvania, and was confronted by a soldier who called him out for Stolen Valor.
Don’t Make Excuses For Stolen Valor
A counterpoint to the Task & Purpose article published on Tuesday, “That Valor Isn’t Yours To Defend.”
In a screenshot from a YouTube video produced by RangerUp, an obviously fake Army veteran defends his behavior.
That Valor Isn’t Yours To Defend
Valor cannot be claimed and doesn’t need to be defended because it can’t be stolen, so stop beating people up over it.
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The Gentleman’s Guide To Calling Out Stolen Valor
We are well within our rights to call out those committing acts of stolen valor, but do so with a little tact.
Michael R. Schrenk fake Marine thumbnail
This Might Be The Worst Fake Marine Of All Time
And it might prove something about sailors, maybe.