An unmanned aerial vehicle delivers a payload to the Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) around the Hawaiian Islands.

The Navy is experimenting with using drones to resupply ballistic missile submarines

The Navy recently used an unmanned aerial vehicle to deliver an unknown payload to the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Henry M. Jackson at sea

USS Tang returning to Pearl Harbor after its second war patrol, May 15, 1944.

How the most successful submarine in Navy history ended up sinking itself

It was a tragic and unfitting end for the most successful submarine in U.S. Navy history

The crew of Nazi U-Boat U-576 gathered around the conning tower of their submarine. U-576 was sunk off the coast of North Carolina on July 15, 1942, shortly after sinking an American merchant ship. None of the U-boat's 45 crew members survived.

‘Unbelievable how many ships we sank’ — When Nazi submarines had free rein of the East Coast

‘We were expecting the worst, but the Americans were totally unprepared. We had our choice of targets.’