The Military Is Working To Develop Underwater Drones
The Navy is actively pushing autonomous technology and developing drones in the air and beneath the surface of the sea.
Participants at Cyber Guard 2016 works through a training scenario during the nine-day exercise Suffolk, Va., June 16, 2016.
Should Cyber Warfare Have Its Own Branch?
If cyber warfare remains just a niche within military services, the U.S. will never be able to develop the talented warriors it needs.
DUIs in the military
Are Rideshare Platforms Like Uber The Answer To Limiting DUIs In The Military?
Modern technology and car service platforms like Uber should become part of a Pentagon-wide anti-DUI program.
iROADtestdrive (6)
I Drove The i-Road, Toyota’s Crazy Half Motorcycle Concept Car
Toyota’s i-Road addresses issues of sustainability, parking, and urban development. It’s also really fun to drive.
Teamwork Is The Most Important Lesson You Learn From The Military
The principle of teamwork learned in the military is key to succeeding in the business world, particularly in startup environments.