Two of the leading causes of U.S. Army Reserve suicides in 2013 were due to relationship issues and problems with finances. A panel review of the 57 Army Reserve suicides that year examined many of the underlying causes and outlined a way ahead to prevent future suicide attempts.  (U.S. Army photo by Timothy L. Hale/Released)
What Happens When Veterans Receive Bad Paper Discharges?
Discharges for misconduct are on the rise military wide, but this behavior could be the result of post-traumatic stress or a traumatic brain injury. It is up to the military to sort through undeserved bad papers.
honor the fallen
We Need To Come To Terms With This Generation’s True War Story
“Once a soldier becomes a symbol, an abstraction available for political ends, we deny him or her the humanity we strive to celebrate.”
nfl domestic abuse
Why Is The Military Getting Involved In The NFL’s Domestic Violence Scandal?
As the NFL grapples with its poor handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case, it is taking a few tips from the U.S. Army.
Same-sex couples await USFK benefits
The VA Is Being Sued For Denying Benefits To Same-Sex Couples
A military-veteran advocacy group has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs for failing to provide all same-sex married couples with spousal benefits ranging from home loan guarantees to burial rights.