No, Cops Shouldn’t Be Rocking The Punisher Skull
It doesn’t make a lot of sense for a pro-police movement to affiliate itself with the Punisher, a figure who, if he was real, would be arrested for murder.
Jon Bernthal as The Punisher in the Marvel and Netflix series “Daredevil.”
Marvel’s Most Badass Veteran Is Returning To Netflix In His Own Show
Marvel’s Frank Castle is returning to Netflix in the upcoming “Daredevil” spinoff “The Punisher,” and he’s not coming alone.
GORUCK bags were designed to thrive in war, but they're great for all environments.
A Bag Made For War And The Chaos Of Everyday Life
These GORUCK bags are already beloved in the military, but they’re suitable for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
the punisher death symbols australian army spartans
Bone Deep: The Relationship Between The Punisher And The Military
The Punisher’s popularity in the military serves as a litmus test for the public's opinion of war.