A group of U.S. Soldiers walks along the road at sunset in Taji, Iraq, March 8, 2016. The Soldiers are serving in Iraq as part of an international coalition that is working to destroy Daesh, also known as the Islamic State.

Social media is the greatest threat to US service members

The Army seems to be the Typhoid Mary of America’s ongoing social media stupidity pandemic.


The Army is looking into the soldier who vibed with cranberry juice and Fleetwood Mac during an airborne jump

A soldier has one-upped everyone filming themselves skating while drinking cranberry juice and singing along with Fleetwood Mac with a new version of the beloved TikTok meme that was filmed hundreds of feet in the air

army social media

Soldiers who made ‘message for liberals’ video get message from the Army: You’re screwed

This video is just the latest example of service members doing stupid s--t and posting it on the internet

TikTok 2x1

This viral video asks the one question we all know the answer to: 'What would you say to your recruiter?'

Personally, I think there's just one surefire way to know if someone served in the miltiary, short of looking at their discharge papers: Ask them what they'd say to their recruiter.