Bradley fighting vehicle

Fallen troops' families demand action after spate of military vehicle rollover deaths

At least 15 troops were killed in vehicle training accidents last year, and now several of their families are pressuring Congress and the military to take action.


Air Force identifies 2 airmen killed during T-38 training flight in Oklahoma

"When tragedies like this occur, every member of the U.S. military, Vance, Enid, feels it."


A soldier was killed in a vehicle rollover accident in South Korea

Our thoughts are with this soldier's loved ones.


Fatal training accidents are on the rise. Now the families of the fallen are pushing lawmakers to do something about it

They have banded together with families of other rollover victims to push lawmakers into action — to determine what's causing the rise in training accidents and how they can be curtailed


Army identifies two soldiers killed in Fort Bliss Stryker crash

Cpl. Cole Trevor Wixom, 24, and Pfc. Jamie R. Riley, 21, died when two Stryker vehicles reportedly crashed into each other Tuesday evening at the McGregor Range Training Complex, New Mexico