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BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan: A rainbow signifies hope, peace and promise. Three A-10s, Thunderbolt II, from Pope AFB N.C. parked on the flightline here after a rain shower. The A-10s are assigned to the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, June 6, 2005.

House moves to overturn Trump’s military transgender ban

“The thousands of transgender patriots serving this nation deserve much better than to be singled out for discrimination."

In this July 29, 2017 photo transgender U.S. army captain Jennifer Sims lifts her uniform during an interview with The Associated Press in Beratzhausen near Regensburg, Germany.

Pentagon ban on transgender troops on shaky legal ground after Supreme Court ruling

The US military's partial ban on transgender people remains in effect, but the Supreme Court's decision helps lawsuits challenging it, legal experts said.

Trump tweets

Yes, the President’s tweets count as legitimate orders, no matter how confusing they seem

"The president could have called the Secretary immediately and said, 'I have decided against waiting. I want every transgender person in the armed forces discharged within 48 hours.'"


Gen. Mark Milley, Trump's nominee to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defends Pentagon transgender ban

The Pentagon's transgender ban prevents potential recruits with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria from joining the military unless they have been medically stable for 36 months and if they have not yet had medical treatment to transition to a new gender.


4 state National Guards have joined California in defying Trump's transgender military ban

Nevada, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico have joined California in defying the Trump administration ban on transgender military, which went into effect April 12