25th Reunion of the Grand Army of the Republic Civil War soldiers in Keene, New Hampshire
What Republicans And Their Army Fought For 150 Years Ago
The Republican Party once had a badass “army” that fought to better post-Civil War America.
A photo of a Union Army marching band.
The Battle Hymn That United The North During The Civil War
With its religious and dramatic language, “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic” bolstered the Union cause.
A screenshot of the infographic from Norwich University.
Lee Vs Grant: The Battle Of Two Civil War Titans
This infographic shows key moments in the lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, the Civil War’s most renowned generals.
Abraham Lincoln and George B. McClellan in the general's tent at Antietam, Maryland, Oct. 3, 1862.
Abraham Lincoln’s Speech To The 166th Ohio Regiment Shows His Admiration For The Common Soldier
Lincoln’s speech to the 166th Ohio Regiment shows his capacity for empathy toward the everyday soldier.
Lt. Col. Lyle Bernard, CO, 30th Infantry Reg., a prominent figure in the second daring amphibious landing behind enemy lines on Sicily's north coast, discusses military strategy with Lt. Gen. George S. Patton.
What History Can Teach Us About Leadership — Good, Bad, And Ugly
While it’s hard to pin down what good or bad leadership is, we all know it when we see it, here are some examples of each.