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The Army’s New Sig Pistol Is A Huge Step Up
The process may not be complete, however, as Sig Sauer’s competitors may still file a protest with the Government Accountability Office.
Sgt. Blake Reyna, cavalry scout with 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, deadlifts during Marne Week’s Cross Fit competition, November 14, 2016 at Fort Stewart, Ga.
Want A Combat Job? The Army Has A New PT Test For You
Starting Jan. 1, new Army recruits and soldiers trying to enter combat MOSs will have to prove that they’ve got the strength to succeed.
Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley projects power.
6 Poses Every Soldier Needs To Master In The Army
The way you stand says a lot about who and what you are.
How The Army Accidentally Shipped Live Anthrax To Military Bases
Brig. Gen. William E. King IV, commander of the 20th CBRNE at Aberdeen Proving Ground, was in charge of the lab when the shipments were made.
Capt. Ryan Mortensen.
41-Year-Old Army Chaplain Had Never Carried A Weapon, Earns Ranger Tab
He basically started Ranger School with zero tactical knowledge.
Flight medics at work in Afghanistan.
This Might Be The Definitive War Doc About Medics In Afghanistan
Journalist Harry Sanna’s upcoming documentary, “Trauma,” offers an unfiltered glimpse at what it’s like to be a medic in war.
Army Sgt. Edmund Perez, an operations noncommissioned officer at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and a professional chef, brings his cooking talents to The Pentagon Channel in a cooking series called, “Microwave 101.”
Keep It Simple, Stupid. How To Make Good Food With 3 Tools
We spoke with Edmund Perez, the Army’s "Grill Sergeant," about what three items you should have in your kitchen.