The housing market in San Diego is already tight, and now 6,000 more sailors are about to move in

"In terms of units that are affordable to sailors, we have an absolute shortage."


The USS Abraham Lincoln is finally coming home after an extended deployment

More than nine months after embarking on what was supposed to be a seven-month round-the-world deployment, the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln is finally on course for its new home port of San Diego


US reportedly could surge another 14,000 troops to the Middle East to prevent Iranian attacks

"We have sent very clear and blunt signals to the Iranian government about the potential consequences of aggression because all of this is intended to produce stability and deter potential attacks."


An E-2D Hawkeye took out 4 Super Hornets during a botched carrier landing in the Arabian Sea

While attempting to land on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln in the Arabian Sea earlier this month, an E-2D Hawkeye propeller aircraft struck two F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft and sent debris flying into two other F/A-18s on the flight deck, according to the Naval Safety Center


Navy declares missing USS Abraham Lincoln sailor dead

Aviation Electronics Technician 2nd Class Slayton Saldana was reported overboard on July 17. Search and rescue efforts ended on July 19.