A woman enters a US Post Office in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens, NY, August 17, 2020.

How the battle over the US Postal Service is costing veterans dearly

"The whole picture really isn't being shown with regards to how this transcends the whole veteran population who are being impacted by these delays."

Eugene Simpson, 29, from Dale City, Virginia goes through physical therapy at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

230,000 veterans’ disability ratings are stuck in limbo due to COVID-19

"We must have a plan to keep vets safe but also keep claims moving forward.”

We compiled a list of the mental health services the VA provides to recently transitioned veterans not currently enrolled.

The VA needs to do more in the fight against COVID-19

Advocates demand that the Department of Veterans Affairs act quickly to help veterans protect their benefits and health.

Deported Veterans Support House

Deported veterans have trouble accessing their benefits, so San Diego is building a Vet Connect station in Tijuana to help them out

The effort is to ensure deported veterans still have access to veterans service representatives and the benefits they are entitled to, including medical care and housing assistance.