war of 1812
A Glimpse At Humanity In The War Of 1812
Read this letter from an American soldier writing to his wife from Fort Stephenson during the War of 1812.
In this Tuesday, June 18, 2013 photo, historian Andrew Carroll poses for a photograph, in Washington, with one of his war letters that has a bullet hole in it. The letters, recently given to Chapman University, include one written home by a U.S. soldier on Adolf Hitler's personal stationery. The collection stretches from letters written home by fighters in the French and Indian War to modern-day wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and those by people who are now quite famous, including Sen. John McCain, Gary Trudeau and Kurt Vonnegut. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Read This Beautiful Revolutionary War Letter
A letter from a Revolutionary War militiaman gives us insight into our past and reaffirms what we know about America's troops at war.