A KC135R from the 128th Air Refueling Wing and an F16 fighter from the 115th Fighter Wing, Wisconsin Air National Guard fly in formation.

Wisconsin Air National Guard refueling wing commander fired

The commander of the Wisconsin Air National Guard's 128th Air Refueling Wing has been relieved of his duties due to loss of confidence, the state adjutant general announced Thursday


Wisconsin governor appoints new National Guard chief to replace predecessor who covered up sexual assault allegations

Brigadier General Paul Knapp will take over as the new adjutant general of the Wisconsin National Guard — replacing former Guard chief Donald Dunbar, who resigned after it was found he improperly handled sexual assault investigations.


Wisconsin National Guard chief resigns over botched handling of sexual assault investigations

"I am extremely upset and concerned ... our service members deserve to be safe and supported while carrying out their important mission."


The National Guard may discipline a deployed lawmaker for criticizing Wisconsin's governor

The Wisconsin National Guard is considering taking action against a congressman currently deployed with his Air National Guard unit for blasting the governor's decision to withdraw troops U.S.-Mexico border.