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The Marine Corps Says It’s Not Lowering Standards For Female Marines. This Photo Says Otherwise.

In the years since the Pentagon ordered the Marine Corps to open all previously-male only combat specialties, the service has been adamant that it would never lower its standards. If women want to be in the infantry, artillery, or engineers, they would have to pass the same requirements as men, the Corps said. Marines would […]

What It Means To Be An Ally To Women In The Military

A toxic culture of gender discrimination and inequality continues to exist in the U.S. military. Worse, it isn’t simply gray-haired military bosses who are responsible for this. The atmosphere created by a few junior military personnel can ruin the career of a promising servicewoman before it even begins. I know this because I have seen […]

I Didn’t Know She Was Being Sexually Harassed, But I Should Have

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on the blog of Angry Staff Officer. She had a senior non-commissioned officer buy her lingerie, passing it off as a joke. I didn’t know. She was mentally broken down and denigrated, day after day, by a male officer who was her command and who felt threatened by her presence. […]

5 Things Women Veterans Want Everyone To Know

“M,” an Army veteran who deployed with Army Special Forces in the 1980s, cries when I ask her what she thinks the public should know about women veterans. She wipes tears from her eyes and laughs that she had put on mascara just for our interview. “Really, nothing different than male veterans,” she tells me, […]

It’s Time To Address The Staggering Rate Of Suicide Among Servicewomen And Female Vets

We were both almost statistics; numbers on a page that people use evoke emotions devoid of context. To us, like so many other veterans, suicide isn’t a statistic. It’s part of our daily lives. Despite appearing “successful,” or even “normal” on the outside, there is an almost nagging preoccupation with not belonging. And while we […]

Navy Corpsman Relieved Of Duty For Falsifying Fitness Scores

The Navy doesn’t like being lied to, especially when it comes to fitness scores. And Master Chief Hospital Corpsman Rachel Watson learned firsthand what branch officials will do if you try to fudge sailors’ physical readiness assessment scores. Watson was removed from her post as the senior enlisted advisor of the Jacksonville, Florida-based Navy Cargo […]

The Marine Corps Is About To Graduate Its First Female Infantry Officer

The Marine Corps is on track to graduate its first female Marine infantry officer from its notoriously intense 13-week course, several Marine Corps officials told Task & Purpose, a historic first for the service branch. The news was first reported by the Washington Post. The unidentified Marine lieutenant, the 31st female candidate for the branch’s grueling Infantry Officer […]

Marine Veteran, Amputee Athlete Kirstie Ennis Gets The Keys To A Custom-Made Home

Five years after miraculously surviving a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, becoming a renowned athlete, gracing the cover of ESPN magazine, and drumming up support for her fellow wounded warriors, Marine Corps veteran Kirstie Ennis got a personal boost Sept. 16, when she was given the keys to a custom-built home in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. “That […]

We Could See The First Female Marine Infantry Officer Graduate Before The End Of The Month

A Marine on track to become the branch’s first female infantry officer has managed to overcome the obstacles that have felled her predecessors since the Corps opened its notoriously intense 13-week course to women in 2012, several Marine Corps officials told Task & Purpose. The unidentified Marine lieutenant has advanced further through the branch’s grueling […]

Looking For A Gender Gap In The Army? Try The Army Chief Of Staff’s Reading List

On Aug. 9, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley released his Professional Reading List, an annual collection of books recommended for Army and civilian personnel to better understand the range of military, economic, political, and future issues facing the service, the country, and the world. Our review of the list revealed a […]