Jared Keller

While explaining the specifics of the Army’s new Combat Fitness Test recently, Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost turned to a reporter and delivered a subtle challenge to members of the press: “Yes, you can take it if you want.”

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The mace may be the oldest man-made murdering tool in the history of the human race. Though stone maces have existed since the Late Stone Age some 50,000 years ago, the earliest mention of warriors using these brutal bludgeoning devices come from ancient Indian epics penned nearly a millennium ago. “Gada,” the steel mace favored by Persian and Hindu warriors, eventually became tools for physical training — a function that, with the advent of well, firearms, has long surpassed bludgeoning as the mace’s primary choice.

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It is a matter of scientific certainty that the American military churns out some of the toughest warriors in the history of mankind. The training programs for elite units like the Navy SEALs are enough to liquefy the insides of the average civilian. In the right place, under the right circumstance, the American service member can be the deadliest creature on the planet.

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