U.S. Gen. Pershing at the review of the 5th Infantry Division in Esch-sur-Alzette, November 1918.
6 Ways World War I Still Affects The Way You Serve
World War I changed everything about the American military, and many of those changes are still with us today.
Two U.S. soldiers of C Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division seek shelter behind a M-4 Sherman tank at Geich, near Düren, Germany, on Dec. 11, 1944.
The 4th Infantry’s 100 Years Of Warfare Is A History Worth Reading
“To War With The 4th” tells the story of the 4th Infantry Division’s first century of war.
The Tragic And Ignored History Of Black Veterans
Between the end of the Civil War and World War II, many black veterans who fought for their country’s ideals abroad became victims of violent racism at home.
A promotional image for EA's newest first-person shooter, Battlefield 1.
Battlefield 1 May Be The Grittiest, Most Realistic War Game Yet
The new World War 1 first-person shooter, Battlefield 1, has gone to extreme lengths in the name of realism.
A Marine Special Operations Team member provides over watch for Afghan National Army Special Forces to help Afghan Local Police build a checkpoint in Helmand province, Afghanistan, April 3, 2013. Afghan Local Police complement counterinsurgency efforts by assisting and supporting rural areas with limited Afghan National Security Forces presence, in order to enable conditions for improved security, governance and development.
One Marine’s Campaign To Grow A Beard Is Gaining Momentum
This Marine really wants to grow a beard, and he thinks you should be able to grow one too.
A YouTube screenshot shows the gameplay for Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 1.
Tanks, Zeppelins, Bayonets. New Battlefield 1 Trailer Has It All
A new trailer for “Battlefield 1,” the highly anticipated World War I first-person shooter just dropped. It’s amazing.