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USS William D. Porter
This WWII Naval Ship Was So Unlucky, It Almost Killed FDR
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Sherman Tank
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Josh Thomson, of Florence, Ala., holds the dog tags of his friend U.S Army Ranger Cpl. Andrew Forest Chris, who was killed at the age of 27 while on deployment in Iraq in 2003, as he attends a Memorial Day ceremony at the Georgia National Cemetery, Saturday, May 25, 2013, in Canton, Ga.
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The use of the iconic form of identification has its roots in the Civil War.
A screenshot of Bob Bolton laughing during an interview with ABC News affiliate, WKOW, of Madison, Wisconsin.
This Man Served In WWII. Now He Knits Hats For Other Vets
Bob Bolton served in World War II as a medic, saving lives with his hands. Now he uses them to knit hats for other vets.
Lt. Col. Lyle Bernard, CO, 30th Infantry Reg., a prominent figure in the second daring amphibious landing behind enemy lines on Sicily's north coast, discusses military strategy with Lt. Gen. George S. Patton.
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While it’s hard to pin down what good or bad leadership is, we all know it when we see it, here are some examples of each.
A U.S. Marine with a Marine special operations team assists with security during the construction of an Afghan Local Police checkpoint in Helmand province, Afghanistan, March 30, 2013.
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A list of the military actions and authorizations of force under presidents George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.
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William Slim
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