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Shooting, crawling, lobbing grenades, getting melted by lighters stolen from our father’s cigarette drawer, calling in airstrikes on Panzer divisions advancing across kitchen floors — that’s the stuff little green Army men have been doing since they first rolled off the assembly line in the 1930s. Fighting imaginary wars is what they do. But the downward facing dog?

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U.S. Army photo

Editor’s Note: This article written by Jessi Kneeland was originally published on Greatist, a digital publication committed to happy and healthy lifestyle choices.  

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Not being able to maneuver properly or fire your rifle in combat has deadly consequences; a little duct tape or parachute cord might seem stupid, but ask any soldier, Marine, airman, or sailor and he or she will confirm that these two little things can work miracles, and have been known to save lives.

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