A promotional image showing Battle Field 4 gameplay.
How The M16 Became An Iconic American Rifle
This seven-minute video is packed full of information on the M16’s origin and narrated by a guy with a swarthy British accent. Enjoy.
A screenshot from a YouTube video on "The Slingshot Channel" show's the host, Jörg Sprave with his homemade arrow launcher.
This Crazy German Guy Made A Gatling Launcher For Arrows Out Of Coke Bottles
This inventor built a six-shot arrow launcher from scratch, and he’s really really happy about it.
A YouTube screenshot shows Matt Carriker, the host of Demolition Ranch, holding a .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum that he intends to fire with no hands.
What Happens When You Fire A 500 Magnum With No Hands?
The .500 Magnum is a beast and kicks like one too, especially if nobody’s holding it.
A YouTube video showing a remote-controlled A-10 WartHog firing a nerf cannon.
This Remote-Controlled A-10 Lets You Unleash Hell On Enemies
With this remote controlled A-10 you can “Brrrt” all day, everyday.
An image of a Lego A-10 Thunderbolt II designed by the YouTube channel Darth Designer.
This Is How You Make An A-10 Warthog Out Of Legos
Someone designed a Lego A-10. Don’t worry there’s a detailed parts list so you can make one too.
A screenshot from a parody video by the military humor YouTube channel A Combat Veteran.
This Is What Happens When Privates Roll Sleeves For The First Time
A YouTube video by “A Combat Veteran” shows what happens when privates roll sleeves for the first time.
vapenaysh screenshot
Hilarious Video Brings New Meaning To The Phrase ‘Smoking Gun’
In case you were wondering, this is what happens when you annihilate a weed vaporizer with a high-caliber rifle.
Inventor Colin Furze demonstrates his liquid nitrogen blaster on a defenseless houseplant.
This Liquid Nitrogen Blaster Is Insanely Dangerous, But Awesome
The latest invention from Colin Furze puts the powers of Marvel’s Iceman in the palm of your hand. Literally.
Death before dishonor!
The World’s Biggest Nerf Gun Is Definitely Not A Toy
This gigantic, incredibly powerful nerf gun is the king of backyard battle.
A screenshot via YouTube shows comedian and entertainer Yusha Thomas calling cadence.
All The Ways Drill Sergeants Call Cadence In One Video
A video by online celebrity and entertainer Yusha Thomas perfectly captures the different ways drill sergeants call cadence.
A screenshot via YouTube shows inventor Colin Furze as his latest invention: a firework Deathstar explodes behind him.
Here’s What Happens When You Set Off 5000 Fireworks At Once
Inventor and YouTube celebrity, Colin Furze, sets off a gigantic ball of fireworks and then runs like hell.
A screenshot from a YouTube video by Colin Furze shows the inventor testing out his homemade thermite launcher on a pile of fireworks.
Watch This British Dude Go Crazy With His Homemade Thermite Launcher
Inventor and YouTube celebrity, Colin Furze, demonstrates his homemade thermite launcher in latest video.
New Commercial Shows ‘The Push’ That Many Veterans Feel
This video from Asics and Foot Locker evokes the ambition and community that defines modern American veterans.