Through it’s revolutionary, albeit controversial, wearable computer, Glass, Google is pioneering wearable technology.

And as Google Glass searches for its place in the lives and routines of everyday Americans, at least one firearms company is exploring how the technology could change the scope of warfare.

Tracking Point, a technology firm out of Austin, Texas, recently released a video showcasing the ability to fire a weapon through Google Glass’ interface.

“Combined with a Tracking Point precision-guided firearm,” the video says, “wearable technology allows for accurate shots around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back, to the side, and over barricades.”

Effectively, a scope is linked to the Google Glass through an app, turning Glass into a heads-up display, that allows the shooter to see the view through the scope without actually exposing his or herself.

The possibilities are enormous, and would offer a force that wields them an incredible asymmetrical advantage, beyond even not having to sacrifice cover and concealment for accuracy.

The video notes that view from the optic can be translated remotely. Imagine a command center or tactical operations center being able to see the view through a sniper’s scope. Incredible.

Watch the video below.