The M60 has been retooled and upgraded over the past few decades to be lighter weight and shorter in length while remaining the accurate powerful machinegun it’s always been. The new M60E6 was adopted in 2014 by our Danish allies to replace their aging MG3.

Nicknamed the “Pig,” the original M60 had all kinds of problems, from having a barrel that was awkward as hell to change to sometimes going into “runaway gun” mode where it would not stop firing even after the trigger is left unpulled. But as Chris Cappy explains, the M60E4 is a new and improved version that is lighter and more reliable. But the real question is whether or not this resurrected version is better than the U.S. military’s replacement the M240.

If you’d like to see exclusive interviews with Vietnam veterans who operated the M60 in combat, be sure to check out our partner’s video, Welcome Home | A Vietnam Machine Gunner’s Story.

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Written and edited by Chris Cappy. Video editing and co-produced by Rebecca Rosen.

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