It’s always a great day when you get a job. Maybe you hit the bar for a few celebratory drinks, or perhaps you treat yourself to a steak dinner. But if you’ve just been hired at Weatherproof Roofing in Castle Rock, Colorado, you might treat yourself to something else: ammo.

Why? Because Weatherproof Roofing is giving away free AR-15s to new employees.

“We have four sales positions that we’ve got to get filled ASAP,” owner James Webb told  Denver’s KDVR, a FOX affiliate.

But there’s a catch. To become eligible for the free weapon, new sales associates must first pass a background check. Then, because nothing in this world is actually free, they have to land 10 new roofing jobs for the company.

That, however, shouldn’t be a problem. Weatherproof Roofing is currently in the midst of one of its busiest seasons yet, all thanks to a recently launched marketing campaign —  called “Get a Roof, Get a Gun” — that advertises free AR-15s for new customers.

“We just don’t have the staff to keep up with it,” Webb said. “So now we’re giving it another shot with ‘Get a Job, Get a Gun.’”


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Whether or not the tactic will be equally successful in wrangling new sales associates remains to be seen, but all indicators point to yes, it absolutely will be.

“[If] they’ll give out an AR-15, I’ll work for anybody,” Tyler Carter of Colorado Springs told KDVR.

Watch the KDVR report below.