One of an American commander in chief’s most solemn duties is to preside over the nation’s Memorial Day honors at Arlington National Cemetery. There’s a speech; a wreath-laying; and, of course, a rousing rendition of the national anthem as the gathering comes to attention — one of the first honors a young service member learns to render. How did president Trump do in his second major encounter with Gold Star families?

What’s going on there? PATRIOTISM, right?

This guy likes it:

That’s one piping hot take! Hard to tell if this guy likes it, though:


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Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.

Let’s accept on face that the president — who likes “people who weren’t captured,” tells Gold Star families he’s “made a lot of sacrifices,” calls safe sex in the 1990s “my personal Vietnam,” and blames “the generals” for battle casualties — just swayed along to the Star-Spangled Banner at Arlington, beating a rhythm with the fingers on his chest, warbling the words out of patriotism. Selfless, altruistic patriotism. What other explanation could there be, anyway?

Yep, gotta be patriotism!

In fairness to Trump, he did a lot of other stuff at Arlington, too, like laying the wreath at the Unknowns and assisting Tea Party Dot Org in selling its #1 Rated All Natural Smart Pill:

America is already great.