There's no one path to military service. For some, it's a lifelong goal, for others, it's a choice made in an instant.

For 27-year-old Marine Pvt. Atiqullah Assadi, who graduated from Marine Corps bootcamp on July 12, the decision to enlist was the culmination of a journey that began when he and his family were forced to flee their home in Afghanistan.

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The Coast Guard tends to take more than its fair share of flak for not being as combat focused, aggressive, or militant as the other uniformed services.

Now, Coasties everywhere finally have a perfect response to such nonsense.

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On July 4, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) took to Twitter to thank a Marine colonel and his brave troops for their steadfast service to America. Then, King spent the rest of that day (and the next) being mercilessly mocked online.

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Jason Heuser/Deviant Art

Move over boring political portraits, your term is up.

It's time for SEAL Team 1776.

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It's that time of the year, you know: hot dog heavy cookouts; a metric shit-ton of light beer stacked neatly in the shape of the American flag at your nearby supermarket; fireworks and trigger warnings about fireworks and rants about trigger warnings about fireworks; American flag-printed clothing in every size and shape, from two-sizes too small booty shorts, and full on adult onesies; and of course the endless stampede of social media posts depicting the Stars and Stripes, bald eagles, presidents, U.S. troops, and random celebrities wearing some version of a spangly outfit.

We're talking about Independence Day.

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(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. David Edge, 11th ACR)

It may not be the parade he wanted, but Donald Trump may finally get the chance to show off some of the military's hardware in the nation's capital.

The Defense Department is working on a request from the White House to have static displays of military vehicles and an F-35 flyover for the July 4th "Salute to America" in Washington, D.C., Task & Purpose has learned. No decisions have been made yet about what type of vehicles could be used.

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