US Gear Is Falling Apart On Ukraine's Front Lines

Army photo by Staff Sgt. Adriana Diaz-Brown, 10th Press Camp Headquarters

Some of the U.S. equipment supplied to aid Ukraine against Russian-backed insurgents is falling apart. According to the serial numbers on the gear, some of the items are 20 to 30 years old — including the Humvees.

“If the Americans are going to send us equipment, don’t send us secondhand stuff,” said an

anonymous Ukrainian special forces commander.

The deteriorating equipment has created distrust on the front lines. The amount of secondhand equipment is unknown, but the Defense Department has also sent newer gear in the form of night vision and first-aid kits.

One Ukrainian special forces soldier said, “Despite what people think, this is still a war.”

Jilmar Ramos-Gomez was a lance corporal in the Marines and received awards for service in Afghanistan. (Michigan ACLU)

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